Tax and FATCA

The US Congress adopted FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) in 2010. The purpose of FATCA is to prevent tax evasion in the United States, the general means being to impose on financial institutions worldwide an obligation to report certain information about US tax residents to the Internal Revenue Service.

Denmark and the United States have signed an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) governing the extent to which companies and accounts must be reported under FATCA. Being classified as a so-called “Nonreporting IGA FFI” in the pension fund category sometimes also referred to as non-US "Exempt Beneficial Owners", Sampension Livsforsikring A/S is exempt from FATCA reporting under the IGA (see Annex II on “non-reporting Danish financial institutions and products”). Item C 'Retirement Funds' of Annex II refers to the tax treaty between the United States and Denmark.

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Sampension will issue Form W-8BEN-E for Sampension Livsforsikring A/S and relevant investment subsidiaries upon request to