About ISP

ISP Pension is a multi-employed pension fund, established in 1958. Originally, the fund solely admitted Technician Engineers, yet since then, graduates with Bachelor of Engineering degrees and other members with a similar education have entered the pension fund. Today, ISP admits engineers both within the private and public sector, as well as all employees with an engineering- or similar degree can take out pensions schemes.

ISP Pension is administrated by Sampension Administrationsselskab A/S. Sampension Administrationsselskab A/S provides administrative services to life insurance companies, pension funds and pension companies as well as general asset management services.

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Member-owned pension fund

The pension fund is owned by its members, which means that the members and the owners are the same. There are no shareholders and any profits eventually go back to the members.

Annual general meeting

ISP´s highest authority is the annual general meeting. The Board of Directors consist of six members, four of them are directly elected by members. IDA has appointed one member and the Board of Directors has appointed one member.

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