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Your pension scheme

Has your employment ended or have you changed jobs?

If your employment has ended or you are on leave of absence without pay, contributions will no longer be made to your pension scheme. Once contributions stop, we will send you a digital message, describing what you should be particularly aware of and your deadlines.

Find the reason why your employment has ended and see what happens to your pension scheme and your options.

Your employment has ended and you no longer reside in Denmark

If your employment ends and you are moving from Denmark, you can in the majority of cases have the value of your pension scheme paid out. Contact us to learn more about your options and what you need to do to have your pension paid out.

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You have a new job in Denmark

If you have taken up new employment in Denmark with a new pension scheme, you may have insurances with more than one provider. The insurances under your pension scheme with us will remain effective for a period of time after your final contribution – after which it will be converted into a paid-up policy.

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You are unemployed or on unpaid leave

If your employment has ended and you do not have a new job, or if you are on leave of absence – you will typically be covered by the insurances under your pension scheme for a period of time after the contributions to your scheme have stopped.

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Your employment has ended due to illness or an accident

It is important that you contact us if you fall ill or have an accident. We can advise you on whether you are entitled to pension benefits and continuation of coverages.

You are approaching retirement

If you have reached an age at which you can receive pension benefits, you can start the benefit payments yourself. You can also contact us and be advised on how to arrange your benefit payments to get the most out of your pension.

If your scheme is converted into a paid-up policy

A paid-up policy means that no further contributions are made to the pension scheme, and benefit payments will be calculated based on the savings under the scheme.

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